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Overview of classes in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Classes in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

The class system in FE6 is very simple. There is a fixed promotion system, meaning that every unpromoted class will be able to promote to only one class, assuming they are able to promote at all. Most promoted classes can only be promoted into from one class, the only exception being that both Pirates and Brigands promote into Berserkers. Once an unpromoted unit is level 10 or higher, they will be able to use their class-type specific promotion item to promote.

Promoting will give significant bonuses to all stats, as well as greatly increase the unit's weapon rank(s). Some promotions will even add more usable weapon types, the new weapon type will start off at E rank in these cases.

Although promoting at level 20 will theoretically result in higher stats by endgame, it is really unlikely that a unit will ever make it that far in one playthrough. A promoted unit will be a lot more useful in combat than an unpromoted one, for example Lugh gains a whopping 4 magic upon promotion. Generally, it is a good idea to promote whenever you have the ability to do so.

Male/Female Classes

Only a handful of classes in the game are only available to one gender, although there are some unused gender/class combinations (such as female Mercenary). Classes available to both male and female units will differ slightly between them. These slight differences include:

  • Different stat caps
  • Different promotion bonuses
  • Different base stats (matters for enemy stat calculations)
  • Different sprites (there are exceptions, such as Knight/General)

Most of the generic enemies in the game are males. Some maps have a couple of female enemies scattered around.

Page Contents

This page lists all classes in FE6, organized into unpromoted and promoted classes. The differences between male/female classes are not listed here, click into an individual class to see that data.

The Binding BladeThe Binding Blade