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Experience Gain

Formulas for calculating level and weapon experience in FE6.

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This guide contains the following calculations/formulas.

Weapon Experience

How weapon experience and weapon ranks are calculated.

Weapon Experience

Every time a unit enters combat and attacks, they'll gain a small amount of weapon experience for the weapon type that they had equipped. Gaining enough weapon experience will increase weapon ranks, allowing units to use better weapons.

In short, there are 5 weapon ranks in the game, and it requires 50 weapon experience to reach the next level. There is also a zero state, displayed in game as a "—" which indicates that a unit cannot use that weapon type. A unit will reach E rank if they gain a single point of weapon experience, which can only happen through a promotion (for example promoting from Mercenary to Hero gives E rank axes).

The weapon experience thresholds are listed below.

Weapon RankTotal ExperienceDelta

Gaining Weapon Experience

Gaining weapon experience is simple, it will happen every time your units attack (either on player phase or enemy phase). You'll get +1 weapon experience per strike for whichever weapon category the unit is using, bumped to +2 if the strike kills the enemy. Even if the strike misses or does 0 damage, you'll still get +1 weapon experience. Battles in the arena will follow the same rules.

Unpromoted units are capped at 201 weapon experience for any given category, meaning they cannot make progress towards an S rank until they promote.

Promoting will often give units a full 50 weapon experience (+1 in level) to their primary weapon type, refer to the classes page for this information.

Staff Experience

Staff weapon experience and level experience.

Staff Experience

Every use of any staff will give 1 single point of staff rank experience. This makes grinding high staff experience units an absolute pain, although the game does give you a few opportunities to do this. Chapter 8x has fire trap tiles that you could use to give your healers damaged units to heal. Also, the spammable Barrier staff can be obtained in Chapter 7and Chapter 10B.

Each staff gives you a set amount of level experience per cast. These values are listed below.

Level Experience

How level experience is calculated.

Level Experience Calculations

Similar to weapon experience, a unit will gain level experience every time they enter combat, although they don't even need to attack in this case. The game keeps an internal record of how "strong" each class is, and uses this along with the units' levels to determine how much experience you gain. You also get bonuses for dealing the killing blow, as well as if the enemy was a boss or a thief. The calculations are as follows.

\(Q_{\alpha} = \begin{cases} 2, & \text{if $\alpha$ is a Soldier, Troubadour, Priest, Thief, or Fae} \\ 5, & \text{if $\alpha$ is Idunn or Zephiel} \\ 3, & \text{otherwise} \end{cases}\)
\(X_{\alpha} = \begin{cases} 0, & \text{if $\alpha$ is unpromoted} \\ 20, & \text{if $\alpha$ is promoted} \\ \end{cases}\)\(Y_{\alpha} = \begin{cases} 0, & \text{if $\alpha$ is unpromoted} \\ 40, & \text{if $\alpha$ is a Bishop or Valkyrie} \\ 60, & \text{otherwise} \end{cases}\)\(B_{\alpha} = \begin{cases} 40, & \text{if $\alpha$ is a map boss} \\ 0, & \text{otherwise} \end{cases}\)\(T_{\alpha} = \begin{cases} 20, & \text{if $\alpha$ is a Thief} \\ 0, & \text{otherwise} \end{cases}\)\(L_{\alpha} = \text{the level of unit $alpha$}\)\(e = \text{enemy unit}, p = \text{player unit}\)\(Exp_{dmg} = \frac{L_{e} + X_{e} - L_{p} - X_{p} + 31}{Q_{p}}\)\(Exp_{clink} = Exp_{miss} = 1\)
\(Exp_{kill} = Exp_{dmg} + (L_{e} * Q_{e} + Y_{e}) - (L_{p} * Q_{p} + Y_{p}) + 20 + B_{e} + T_{e}\)

Q represents the game's percieved power of each class. The ones listed above are the relevant ones that can actually happen in the game, but there are also values for unused enemy types and situations that will never result in anything other than a clink (which includes not being able to counter). These values are listed below.

\(Q_{\alpha} = \begin{cases} 1, & \text{if $\alpha$ is a Child, Civilian, or Merlinus} \\ 2, & \text{if $\alpha$ is Larum or Elffin} \\ 4, & \text{if $\alpha$ is a female Paladin} \\ 5, & \text{if $\alpha$ is a Fire Dragon} \\ \end{cases}\)
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