The Binding BladeThe Binding Blade


ConditionsNew Units
Seize gateRoy dies
  • FaeFae (automatically from battle preparations)
  • ZeissZeiss (enemy, talk with Melady)
  • HughHugh (enemy, talk with Roy)
  • CathCath (enemy, talk with Roy and she'll join if you've spoken to her twice before

Map Data


Boss Data

NarcianLevel 10
* Hard Mode stats are rounded expected values. To see a full range of possible stats, click [View enemy data] below.
Storming the Capital
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Obtainable Items

Red Gem x2Steal from enemy Mage and Manakete
Vulnerary x2Steal from enemy Mage and Cath
Steal from Cath
Steal from Narcian
Steal from Narcian


Secret Shop (on the tile that Zeiss starts on, Appendix 1)


  • After the turn 1 enemy phase: Zeiss spawns in the northwestern room (Appendix 1).
  • On the turn 10 enemy phase, if Cath has not already been recruited: Cath spawns in the central room, 1 Thief spawns from the northeastern stairs (Appendix 2).
  • On the enemy phase for turns 11 to 15: 2 Mercenaries, 1 Mage, 1 Fighter spawn from various stairs (Appendix 3).
  • On the turn 12 enemy phase: 1 Mage with Bolting spawns from the southeastern stairs (Appendix 4).


  • There is a recruitable enemy mage called Hugh holding the only obtainable Member Card in the game. He's a unique recruitment, in that he asks the player for a 10000G payment. You can haggle him down to 8000G, 6000G, and finally 5000G by declining his offer, and all of his base stats will drop by 1 for each declined offer. If you only want the Member Card and don't feel like paying 5000G for it, you can steal it from Hugh with a Thief and kill him off.
  • Having Douglas (the enemy General that starts on the left side) survive is a requirement for unlocking the gaiden. Douglas will not attack Larum or Elffin, so you could try to trap him using them and other high avoid units that have been stripped of their weapons. Another option is to use the Sleep staff, since he only has 5 Res.
  • Narcian holds the only obtainable Delphi Shield in the game, and it can be stolen along with a Blue Gem.
  • The Manaketes on this map will not move, even if you attack them from 2 range. They can be used to grind Bow rank easily, since their high HP and defense lets them survive many Iron Bow attacks from units like Sue, Sin, and Igrene.


Chest items
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Appendix 1: Chest items

Zeiss spawn point (turn 1) and Secret Shop location
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Appendix 2: Zeiss spawn point (turn 1) and Secret Shop location

Cath and Thief spawn points (turn 10)
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Appendix 3: Cath and Thief spawn points (turn 10)

Stair reinforcements (turns 11 to 15)
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Appendix 4: Stair reinforcements (turns 11 to 15)

Bolting mage reinforcement (turn 12)
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Appendix 5: Bolting mage reinforcement (turn 12)
The Binding BladeThe Binding Blade