The Binding BladeThe Binding Blade


Overview of chapters in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Chapters in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

There are 31 main chapters and 7 gaiden chapters, with up to 25 main chapters and 6 gaiden chapters being playable in any given run. After completing each gaiden chapter, the player will receive a legendary weapon. If all playable gaiden chapters are completed and all legendary weapons are kept in tact until the end of Chapter 22, then the player will unlock 3 extra chapters with a different ending. The best possible ending involves accomplishing the above while also dealing the killing blow to the Final boss with Roy using the Binding Blade.

There are two route splits in the game. The first occurs after Chapter 9, where the route is decided based on which village the player visited in The Misty Isles. The second split occurs after chapter 16 (or chapter 16x if unlocked), it is between Sacae and Ilia. The player will go to Sacae if the combined earned experience of Sue and Sin is higher than that earned by Shanna and Thea, and Ilia otherwise. If any of Sue/Sin/Shanna/Thea die before the split happens, their experience will still count towards the total (this differs from the Kenneth/Jerme split in FE7).

The Binding BladeThe Binding Blade